MITSUBOSHI MINE TARE - Superior Machine Stitched Kendo Tare Made in Japan
MITSUBOSHI MINE TARE - Supreme Grade Pitch-zashi Tare Made in Japan

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  • Proudly made to order in our historical factory in Iwate, Japan
  • Featuring Mitsuboshi's acclaimed Pitch-zashi
  • Premium made-in-Japan materials only
  • 20 years of expertise
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- Original Japanese-made "Mine" Pitch-zashi Kendo-gu -

Two decades have passed since the introduction of the immensely popular machine stitched kendo-gu, "Mine”, in 1996.
It was a revolutionary event in the history of kendo as it was, and still is, widely acclaimed as being superior to hand-stitched equipment.
Being fully manufactured in Japan, the "Mine" brand is custom made at Mitsuboshi Direct. When "Mine" was first introduced, no distinction
was made between shiai and keiko versions. "Mine" was perfect for any occasion. The more it is used, the better it becomes, which is
why it retains such a dedicated base of fans.

A main characteristic of "Mine" is that its first kendo-gu to ever be produced with the innovative
stitching called Pitch-zashi. This is a special style of machine stitching developed by Mitsuboshi in 1996.
It supersedes the hand-stitch method of production in that the futon is softer and more comfortable,
but completely resilient to even the hardest blows. It was lauded as revolutionary when it first appeared
on the market, and its popularity has not waned. "Mine" has stood the test of time.

The thread in the Pitch-zashi is kept longer than usual which prevents the futon becoming compressed
as it is passed through the machine. This results in a highly absorbent cushion that easily withstands
the rigors of training while affording maximum comfort and protection. It enables the kendo-gu to mold
itself to the body shape of the user, thereby reducing discomfort and resulting fatigue. It makes ideal
movement in kendo a walk in the park.

The futon used in the kote was designed to be practical. As the main target area, the padding on the
right kote is slightly thicker than the left. Mitsuboshi's Pitch-zashi offers the utmost protection as it
absorbs the blunt force of the strikes like no other kote.

It is often said in kendo that the abdominal region (tanden) is where your power is generated.
The Pitch-zashi tare supports the waist, and augments fast and agile movement from the core.

"Mine" was not influenced by trends, costing, or keeping things light. It was made to work, to be
the best fit and protection for the wearer, and be the best Japanese-made kendo-gu.

Two decades later and Mitsuboshi's "Mine" is still loved by successive generations of kendoka. This is testament to its superiority.
Being the most durable and reliable kendo-gu on the market, "Mine" will be your lifelong friend in your pursuit of kendo. Every memorable
match and moving experience you have in your kendo career, "Mine" will be a big part of the equation. There is nothing else like it.

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