Premium Pitch-zashi TEN Bogu Set - 5mm Machine-stitched Synthetic Leather Finish Bogu
Premium Pitch-zashi TEN Bogu Set - 5mm Machine-stitched Synthetic Leather Finish Bogu

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M36004 Tare:
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Around the Chest:

Around the Waist:

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Around the Chin:

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Around the Forehead:

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The Ten (Sky) series welcomes you to the spheres of Mitsuboshi's own and original Pitch-zashi, our signature stitching that is the mark of our Top Quality MINE Series.
It supersedes the hand-stitch method of production in that the futon is softer and more comfortable, but completely resilient to even the hardest blows. It was lauded as revolutionary when it first appeared on the market, and its popularity has not waned.

The TEN series offer full antibacterial treatment and Micropunch superior breathability Kote palms.

This is the Neo-leather set: it's synthetic deerskin offers the same look and feel as real suede, but with better resistance to usage and humidity. Neo-leather enhancements on Men and Tare must not be overlooked as simple decorations, but also help to the protection.
All futon is 5mm Pitch-zashi. This is an adult set (165cm /
5' 5" +).

Bogu Part Main Features
Men Duralumin lightweight mengane
Deluxe mimikawa with decorative medama
Do 2 braids on the side of the mune
Hemmed finish on the mune rim (orikaeshi process)
Reinforced nylon resin do-dai
Kote 2 decorative braids
Full Neo-leather deerskin
Micropunch palm material
Tare 5 decorative braids

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