Deluxe KOKORO Bogu Set - Naname-zashi 6mm Machine-stitched Synthetic Leather Finish Bogu
Deluxe KOKORO Bogu Set - Naname-zashi 6mm Machine-stitched Synthetic Leather Finish Bogu

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Our popular KOKORO series.
Performance with IBB mengane or ojigote, refined looks with Full neo-leather finish, comfort with naname-zashi Men, full antibacterial treatment, the KOKORO sets are ready for intensive training but will retain impeccable silhouette in enbu.

All futon is 6mm machine-stitched. The Neo-leather deerskin has almost the same look and feel as real suede, but is more resistant to usage and humidity. It is easier to clean, wash and dry.
This is an adult set (165cm / 5' 5" +).

Bogu PartMain Features
MenIBB Duralumin mengane
Naname-zashi futon

Ideal Best Balance mengane are specially balanced to relieve weight on the neck muscles. It's more comfortable than regular mengane.
The Naname-zashi (oblique stitch) of the menbuton makes the Men more comfortable, supple and bendable. It take naturally a forward bent.
Do2 braids on the side of the mune
Reinforced nylon resin do-dai
KoteFull indigo Neo-leather deerskin kotegashira and futon finishing
Smoked deerskin palms

are constructed in a pre-shaped fashion similar to the proper te-no-uchi (grip) on the shinai.
Tare6 decorative braids

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